Welcome to SHARKS Swim!
Welcome to SHRA Sharks Swim Team!

Teams registration is now open: Register Here!

Here is the current schedule for 2023:


The Sleepy Hollow Recreation Swim Team has a long history of fun and competitive summer swimming that spans generations of members.  SHRA Sharks develop a greater love of the competitive sport, enhance their aquatic skills, build sportsmanship, and experience camaraderie among fellow swimmers and their families that can last a lifetime.


To all of our returning swimmers, welcome back! We are also thrilled to welcome new swimmers to the team each year. SHRA Sharks are a team of swimmers from six to eighteen years old, with a wide variety of swim abilities. 


The summer swim team season begins the day after Memorial Day and wraps up by the end of July.  It’s short but action-packed. We ask our competitive swimmers to please avoid vacations during this time.  Your team needs you!


Our Meets

At the heart of the excitement are the A and B swim meets, as well as a handful of special meets that occur once per summer:


    • A meets are dual meets that are recognized by the Northern Virginia Swimming League (NVSL), and are conducted according to NVSL and USA Swim official rules. They are held on Saturday mornings, and swimmer assignments are determined by our coaching team. With each A meet swimmers compete for first, second, and third place points, which add up over the summer to determine a division champion pool at the end of the season. Standings are displayed on NVSL’s Standings web page
    • B meets are Monday night dual meets and are developmental experiences for all swimmers on the team.  Scores are not kept, but swimmers compete for good times, regulation swims (no disqualifications), and are awarded first through sixth place ribbons for each event. At B meets, any swimmer can sign up to swim for two events plus the individual medley event if they are eligible to swim it.  If a swimmer scores points for the team at an A meet they are asked to refrain from swimming that event at the following Monday night B meet.

Time Trials and “B” Meets

6/10 (Sat) home – Time Trials @ SHRA
6/12 (Mon) B Meet home – Dowden Terrace @ SHRA
6/19 (Mon) B Meet away – Dominion Hills @ Dominion Hills
6/26 (Mon) B Meet away – Lee Graham @ Lee Graham
7/10 (Mon) B Meet home – Forest Hollow @ SHRA
7/17 (Mon) B Meet away – Parklawn @ Parklawn
“A” Meet Schedule (Division 5)
6/17 (Sat) SHRA at Mount Vernon Park
6/24 (Sat) Dowden Terrace at SHRA
6/28 (Wed) Divisional Relays at Vienna Aquatic
7/1 (Sat) Vienna Aquatic at SHRA
7/8 (Sat) Virginia Run at SHRA- Class of 2023 Senior Recognitions!
7/12 (Wed) All Star Relay at Hamlet
7/15 (Sat) SHRA at Virginia Hills
7/22 (Sat) Divisionals at Mount Vernon Park
7/29 (Sat) All Stars at Orange Hunt
  • Special meets occur once per summer, such as the annual relay carnival with the five other teams in our NVSL division, a mini-meet for beginning swim competitors to develop their meet skills, and a divisional meet for the fastest swimmers who qualify for NVSL championship competition.
“A” Meet and special meets (Relay carnival, All Stars and Divisionals) schedule can also be found on the NVSL website:


When we begin

The 2023 meet season begins with swim practices starting after Memorial Day and time trials on Saturday, June 10th.  A full calendar of swim meets and practices can be found here, with details on practice schedules below.


Joining the Team

For your child to join the swim team, a parent or guardian must be a SHRA member, register your children to join the team and pay a fee. Once you have registered and paid for your children’s swim team participation at the SHRA Sharks main website, please go to SHRA’s Swimtopia site to add your swimmer(s) and adult contact information.  All swim team information will be communicated through Swimtopia including B meet events, weather notices and volunteer sign-ups.  It is essential that you are signed-up on this site.


Swimmers’ Eligibility

SHRA swim team members must be able to demonstrate the ability to swim the length of our 25-meter pool unassisted. For our youngest swimmers who can swim but still need to develop their skills to be able to swim the length of the pool unassisted, we offer the Minnows program, which is described below. Parents seeking lessons to teach their children to swim may inquire about private lessons with our swim coaches.


Please contact swim@shrasharks.org with any questions. 


Minnows Program

SHRA’s Minnows program is designed to be a stepping stone into SHRA’s swim team program and is available for children ages 4-6. It is important that children in the program can be in the water without a parent, that they can put their head in the water, hold on to the side of the pool on their own and be able to float on their backs. They do not need to swim across the pool on their own. 

There will be one certified coach with the Minnows along with up to six junior coaches who will be in the water with the swimmers. The Minnows program is not individualized swim instruction. On the first several days of Minnows, coaches will evaluate the abilities of each child and will have individualized conversations with parents about whether or not the program is the best fit or if the swimmer needs to begin with individualized swim lessons.

The Minnows program begins on Monday, June 19th and goes M-F 11:15 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. through Friday, July 21st.  


Swim Team Philosophy

We are a family oriented team with the primary goal of providing swimmers of all abilities, ages 6 through 18, the opportunity to gain swimming experience emphasizing fundamentals and camaraderie. 


The coaching staff at SHRA believes that every successful swimmer has a love for the sport of swimming.  The coaches nurture this philosophy by developing swimmers at their own pace and constantly support swimmers to enhance all four competitive strokes, improve racing technique, build self-confidence, be active team members and learn that good sportsmanship is a non negotiable regardless of the outcome of an event or meet.  


Coaching Staff


Head Coach: Rich Early


Assistant Coach: Jessica (Jess) Early


Junior Coaches:


Practice Times  

Swim practices for all age groups except Minnows begins afternoons the Tuesday after Memorial Day.  More information about practice times will be posted soon, including options for afternoon practice during the summer.


Afternoon Practice:

3:45-4:45 p.m.:  13-18 age groups

4:45-5:45 p.m.:  9-12 age groups

5:45-6:30 p.m.:  8 & Under


Morning Practice:

7:30-8:45 a.m.:  13-18 age groups

9:00-10:00 a.m.:  9-12 age groups

10:15-11:00 a.m.:  8 & Under

11:15-11:45 a.m.:  Minnows 


Attendance by every swimmer at every practice is critical for personal growth and the team’s success.  Though we swim rain or shine, make sure you watch for email related to any dangerous weather cancellations. 


If you are going to be absent from practices please notify the coaches.  



Summer swim relies completely on volunteer support.  If your child is signed up to swim please make plans on attending and volunteering at the meet.  Meets require 20-40 volunteers each!  Volunteer roles range from timing, to clerking, to writing ribbons and so much more.  Most roles don’t need training, they are a lot of fun, and many give parents a close-up view of the competition.


Swim Gear

Swimmers must wear the Shark’s team swimsuit and SHRA swim cap at meets.  SHRA team suits will be available for purchase at the start of the season.  Swimmers will get a t-shirt and swim cap as part of their registration.  Silicon caps will also be available for sale.  Swimmers should bring towels and water to all swim practices and meets. 


Please put your child’s name on everything!   

Social Events

Did we mention that we love to have fun?  Throughout the summer we will spice up our weeks with different events including pep rallies, the buddy program, team pictures, senior night, teams social and your year end banquet.  

Team Records – 

Social Media – 

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