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Welcome to SHARKS Tennis!

Welcome new and returning tennis players to our 2019 summer program! We provide a fun and safe environment for your children to learn or practice skills and develop the game of tennis.

There is lots of great information below, click each section for details:


Age Groups

This SHRA summer program is for our 7-18* old crowd. The primary focus is to provide a fun, safe environment for your children to learn and practice skills as they develop their tennis game.

SHRA currently participates in the Northern Virginia Tennis League (NVTL), similar to NVSL for swimming. Placement in this league is primarily geographic and the SHRA coaches are responsible for player selection in matches – a total of 12 boys and 12 girls (4 players from each age group).

Messages from your Tennis Team Rep:

Becky Adye is the SHRA youth tennis rep, please contact her with questions at

SHRA 2019 schedule – TBA


Snacks & Drinks & Drivers

For home matches – we need to provide snacks and drinks. Our system for donations is as follows: if your child is playing in Singles, please bring a Snack (both start with “S”, that’s the system). If your child is playing Doubles, please bring something to Drink. Chips, crackers, fruit, pretzels, Gatorade, water, juice, etc. is appropriate. For away matches – coaches will travel with the team, but we WILL need parent volunteers to drive.

What to Wear

Please make sure your player is wearing non-marking tennis shoes. There is no official uniform, but we suggest that the players wear shorts with pockets so that they can hold a second ball while serving. Players can also wear compression shorts under shorts or skirts to hold the second ball. Play is impeded if you have to go and get a second ball if you miss the first serve.


There is always a need for parent participation as it takes many volunteers to make these matches and meets happen. These are the major types of volunteer help we need:

  1. Drive to matches Wednesdays (8:30 a.m. to about Noon)
  2. Collect $ at end of season for coaches’ gift

If you are interested, please contact to sign up!

Please check the main TEAMS page for the age group practice schedules. We look forward to seeing you all again soon and welcome your feedback and questions (and offers to volunteer!).

Becky Adye is the SHRA youth tennis rep, please contact her with questions at

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Tennis Lessons and Learning Opportunities

Do you want to improve your game or just enjoy more time on the courts? Have a look at these great options offered through SHRA and Coach Randy de Guzman.


  • Non-members attending tennis camps do not have access to the swimming pool. Non-members cannot be part of the teams and cannot participate in matches.
  • Do NOT use the registration options offered on the linked page if you are interested in the team classes at SHRA. You must register for those through your member profile.

Be Part of the Team

All our tennis players are included and encouraged to attend all the team activities such as trips to theAll our tennis players are included and encouraged to attend all the team activities such as trips to the water parks, team social, etc. We can always use volunteers – to drive to the matches and cheer the kids on! SHRA junior tennis is both developmental and competitive. The kids will work on basic tennis skills during practices four days a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays after school beginning Tuesday, June 1st and on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for the regular season). Tennis matches against other recreational clubs occur on Wednesdays in the summer and the top seeds in each age group (12 & under, 14 & under, and 15-18) will compete. There will also occasionally be “exhibition matches” to give others a chance to play in the matches



Head Tennis Coach
Randy de Guzman

Randy is certified by the Professional Tennis Registry(PTR) as Master of Tennis for Performance and is the head coach for Gonzaga College High School. He was the former #1 junior player of the Philippines and NCAA division 1 player for Southern Illinois University. Before coming to SHRA, Randy was the head coach at Onelife Skyline Tennis junior program. He also coached at Great Falls Swim and Tennis and other parts of the DMV. With over 20 years of coaching experience local and abroad, Randy has coached players with a wide range of backgrounds, ages and levels.


Check out some of our tennis players in action!



After school practices will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Once we are into the regular summer schedule after school lets out, tennis will meet daily — Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday – Wednesdays are match days, so unless your player is scheduled for a match, they will not have tennis practice on WEDNESDAY.

Players should come prepared for the heat and ready to practice. Comfortable running or athletic shoes and lightweight, light-colored clothing are recommended. They will need a racquet appropriate for their size and they MUST bring a water bottle — coaches will break for water during the practices.

If you feel your child would benefit from some one-on-one attention, our coaches are available for private lessons. Just approach one of the coaches before or after practice and set up a mutually convenient time with him/her. You and the coach can negotiate a rate.



We are in a league called Northern Virginia Tennis League (NVTL), similar to NVSL for swimming. We have been placed in a division that is mostly geographic in basis. During practice, the coaches will rank the more proficient players who will eventually play in these matches. A “ladder” is formed, and players may challenge the next highest person on the ladder to try to move up in seeding.

For the matches, the top four players from each of three groups -12 & under, 14 & under, and 16 & under for both the boys and girls – will be chosen to participate in matches. The top two players will play singles 1st and 2nd seed, and the third and fourth seeded players will play doubles. Thus, twelve boys and twelve girls will play in matches each week.

Matches are Wednesday mornings from June 25th through the end of July. If your child is not in a match he/she will not have practice on Wednesdays. The coaching staff will TRY to let the kids and parents know via email Monday evening who is playing in that week’s match

Click here to see all the SHRA tennis events on the SHRA calendar.

The website has the master schedule of matches.

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Important Dates

  • View MATCH Schedule
  • 6/17: Youth morning practices begin
  • 7/21: All Teams Social with DJ Dave, 5PM
  • 7/28: All teams Awards & Potluck

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