Team-Swim Rep Info

Messages from your Swim Team Rep:
There were no major changes to the League’s rules for the 2016 season.  A couple of things to remember:
  • No swim or dive practices on 6/20 due to the swim home b-meet
  • A swimmer’s age on June 1 will determine their eligibility to compete in a particular age group. Swimmers will no longer be moved to the next age group if their birthday falls during the season
  • We participate in several different types of meets
    • A Meets – are every Saturday morning from mid-June to the end of July; SHRA swimmers compete against other pools in a 6-team division; the meets are competitive and how our swimmers perform is important to them individually as well as the team.
    • B Meets – are every Monday evening and are open to all swimmers.  No team score is kept and all swimmers are encouraged to participate.
    • Relay Carnival – on a particular Wednesday evening, SHRA’s relay teams compete against the other teams in our division.
    • IM Carnival – on a particular date, SHRA swimmers can elect to swim an Individual Medley against swimmers from across the region.

Please check the main TEAMS page for the age group practice schedules. We look forward to seeing you all again soon and welcome your feedback and questions (and offers to volunteer!). Rachel Mosher-Williams and Jamie Sample, To ensure you get all team notifications, click to register for the SHRA dlists here.