Membership Renewals Start 2/1
We are updating our membership system for 2018, therefore 2018 Membership Renewal will Open on 2/1
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Facility Info

MAIN POOL (5/27-8/6):
S&S: 11a-9p
M-F: 12a-9p

MAIN POOL (8/7-9/4):
Everyday: 11a-8p
Last Day: 11a-6p

S&S: Opens with main pool
M-F: (May-6/27) 12a-9p
M-F: (6/28-Sept) 11a-close

Register for August and September!

We are excited to be offering a small number of memberships good for August and September. Your SHRA membership will give you and your family access to the beautiful pool, tennis and basketball courts, great live music events like Darcy Dawn, The Grandsons and My Generation (check calendar for full list of bands), the tennis clinics and water aerobics classes, and all the family fun nights like root-beer float nights, kid dance parties and the family Shrimp and Crab dinner.

Not only will you have access to the facility and fun events this year, but you are also given priority access to sign up a full-summer SHRA membership for next year (Memorial Day to Labor Day) with registration starting in January next year, plus you will be able to join our fun youth swim, tennis and dive teams which will finish in July.

The normal summer price for a new family of four is $675, but you are able to enjoy SHRA, for all of August through closing on September 5th, at a $350 discount. That brings the cost of a family of 4 down to $325, (also, a family of 2 is $275; each additional family member is $25), plus you won’t have to pay the standard $100 new-member fee next year when you renew in January. Additionally, new members 60 years young and kids under 3 years are free (still please add them to your membership using the “Add Additional Family” button)!



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NOTE: This is for NEW Member Registration. If you are a returning member, please click the Blue "My Account" button to the left to login.

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