Membership FAQ

Here are some tidbits of information that we hope you’ll find useful. Please also check the Rules and Regs, Membership and Pavilion Rentals pages.

Member Check-in

When you visit the pool, you will be asked to check in at the front desk by one of the life guards. If no-one is there at the time, please go ahead and sign your self in using the steps below. If the check-in screen is not visible, please double-click the ‘Member Check-in” icon on the screen.

Please note that you can find your membership by Last Name, family member name or by member code (which you can find by logging into your member-profile).

Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by a responsible individual fifteen years or older.

Check in steps

As a reminder, all members, and their guests, are required to abide by the club’s rules, which you can read on the Rules and Regs page under About-Us.



The snack shop will be generally open during pool hours and offers a wide selection of snacks, drinks and more substantial food. The snack shop takes payments in cash, credit cards and from your pre-paid account. You can “load” your account by logging into your profile and selecting the “Fund Account” menu item.

The snack shop is staffed by semi-volunteer members (15 and older), as a service to the pool membership, and not by an external vendor. Please help keep this a positive experience for everyone, especially as we are transitioning to a new payment system.

Job Opportunity: Please talk with concessions folks directly if you’d like to join the crew!


Toys and Floats

Hand-held toys, squirt toys, soft toys and balls are permitted in the pool provided their use does not interfere with others.

Once school is over and practices switch to the morning schedule, we will continue our traditional Thursday Float Nights when you are welcome to bring your favorite large float (subject of course to approval by lifeguards or pool manager).