Friendly Tennis Play

06/03/2018 @ 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Fllory Correa-Dock
All levels are welcome and there is no fee to play. Bring a can of tennis balls and meet at the back courts by 3:30 to warm-up, and be ready to start to play by 3:45. We’ll start with a Tennis Banana Split (see description below) and introduce other competitive games as desired! Suggestions welcome! A Tennis Banana Split: This twist on the King & Queens of the Court is played as follows: 1. Everyone is randomly assigned a partner. (If we have odd numbers, then one person will start as a singles player but rotate into doubles as described below.) 2. Two teams start on a court and play to be the first to win three points. One team feeds a ball to the other team (not a serve) and play begins. The winners are declared Kings/Queens of the Court. 3. The losing team splits apart, with each person going separately to one of the other two courts to await a new partner. 4. Once a new partner has arrived, the challenging team has to win 3 points to unseat the current Kings & Queens. The challenging team feeds the ball. The defending royalty needs to win two points to maintain their hold. 5. As before, the losing team splits apart, whether it is the current Kings/Queens or the challenging team. 6. Kings/Queens of the Court may play as partners for up to 3 rounds, then they automatically split apart, and the next two teams that are waiting vie again to see which team will hold court as Kings & Queens.