Member Sign In

Welcome to SHRA! Every time you visit the club, please stop by the front desk to sign in with your family and guests using the form below. To sign in, you will need your Membership Key and your Membership Last Name, both of which you can find by logging into your SHRA online account.

As a reminder, all members, and their guests, are required to abide by the club’s rules, which you can read on the Rules & Regs page under About-Us.

The sign in form will be below when you are at SHRA. This graphic is a demo of how to sign in with your Member Key/Name combo and how to use the Digital Guest Passes.




To sign-in, you will need your Membership Key and the Membership Name (last name of the Main Member) that is on your account. This information can be found by logging in to your account, in the green box, similar to the one shown below.

The format of the Membership Key is comprised of ONE LETTER followed by 2-5 DIGITS. Your Membership Last Name is not case sensitive but must be spelled correctly to be able to be found.

Below is a tutorial about the process for signing in at the front desk:


To have guests join you at SHRA, you will need to purchase a Guest Pass for each guest, which can be done by logging into your online account. Your Guest Passes will be emailed to you when your payment is complete, and they will also available to you in your online account, in a green box, similar to the one below.

Each Guest Pass has a unique Guest Pass Code on it that can be used on the Sign In form when bringing a guest. The format of the Guest Pass Code is TWO LETTERS followed by TWO DIGITS. Examples include qw71 or jx85. Guest Passes can only be used once and will be marked used once applied to your guest. Guest Passes are non-transferable.

We will still accept cash payments for guests at the sign in desk.

Click here if you’d like to purchase guest passes

Questions? For help with the sign-in procedure, please feel free to ask the guards. For questions on your account, please send an email to

Enjoy the pool!