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Facility Info

MAIN POOL (5/28-7/31):
S&S: 11a-9p
M-F: 12a-9p

MAIN POOL (8/1-9/5):
Everyday: 11a-8p
Last Day: 11a-6p

S&S: Opens with main pool
M-F: (May-6/27) 12a-9p
M-F: (6/28-Sept) 11a-close

Safety and Comfort For All

Once you have paid for your full membership, you will have access to the pool from Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day weekend, and access to the tennis courts year round, with a tennis key deposit.  To maintain a safe and enjoyable environment, use of the facilities is restricted to SHRA members who, along with their guests, are expected to adhere to the following rules at all times:

1. Pool Deck and Main Pool

  1. No Running: No running, shoving, or horseplay on the pool deck
  2. Showering: Everyone must shower with soap prior to entering pool
  3. Talking to Life Guards On-Duty: Do not talk to a lifeguard who is on duty unless it is a matter of safety. Questions should be addressed to the manager on duty or lifeguards not in a lifeguard chair
  4. Child Supervision: Children who cannot swim, or have marginal swimming skills, must be under the direct and immediate supervision of a responsible adult.Marginal swimming skills is defined as an inability to swim two lengths of the pool and tread water for a minute without assistance
  5. Arm Bands and Vests: “Arm floaties” and swim vests are permitted. They do not replace the requirement for marginal or non-swimmers to be under the direct and immediate supervision of a responsible adult
  6. Toys: Hand-held toys, squirt toys, soft toys and balls are permitted in the pool provided their use does not interfere with others
  7. Inflatable Chairs and Life Rings: Inflatable lounge chairs and life rings are not permitted in the pool
  8. Lap Lanes: Lap lanes are for lap swimming only. Do not hang or pull on the lane lines
  9. Basketball Hoop: Hanging on the basketball hoop or shooting from more than ten feet away is not permitted
  10. Swim Diapers: Children who are not toilet trained and incontinent adults must wear swim diapers and rubber pants
  11. Mandatory Breaks: There will be a fifteen minute break at the end of every hour except the last hour of every day. Lifeguards will blow their whistles to start and end each break. During break times only swimmers over the age of 16 are permitted in the pool
  12. Illness: Do not enter the pool with an infectious disease, ear or nasal discharge, an open wound, skin inflammation, or if you have had diarrhea within the past week.
  13. Food and Beverages: Only beverages in non-breakable cups and bottles are permitted on the pool deck. Food and glass are not permitted.

2. Diving Area

  1. One Person Limit: Only one person is allowed on the diving board at a time
  2. Safety Clearance: Ensure the previous diver is clear of the diving area or standing on the ladder prior to beginning a dive. Do not try to “catch” small children. They can be encouraged from the side
  3. One Bounce Maximum: Only one bounce is permitted on the diving board
  4. Straight Dives Only: Dive straight out from the diving boards. Forward and backward diving are both permitted
  5. Immediate Exit: After diving, swim directly to the nearest ladder or directly out into the main pool
  6. No Sitting: Sitting on the diving boards is not permitted
  7. No Swimming in the Dive Area: General swimming is not allowed in the diving area when diving boards are in use. If diving boards are not in use, swimmers may ask the manager on duty for permission to swim in the diving area. Swimmers must clear diving area for any person wishing to use the diving board

3. Baby Pool

  1. Age Six and Under: Only children six and under are permitted in the baby pool
  2. Adult Supervision: All children in the baby pool must be under the direct and immediate supervision of a responsible adult
  3. Small Toys: Small toys are permitted in the baby pool
  4. No Glass: Glass is not permitted in the baby pool area. Food and drinks are

4. Patio, Grass, and Pavilion Areas

  1. Alcohol: Responsible consumption of alcohol by adults at least 21 years old is permitted
  2. Smoking: Smoking is permitted only on the perimeter of the facility and not in the seating areas. Please respect others by staying clear of non-smokers
  3. Grills: Mind lit grills and clean them after use
  4. Cleanliness: Help keep the facility clean by using trash cans and wiping up any spills. Immediately notify staff of any broken glass and thoroughly clean it up
  5. Clothing: Exceptionally revealing clothing is not permitted. This includes thongs

5. Tennis, Basketball, and Shuffleboard Courts

  1. No Wheeled Vehicles: Bike riding, roller blading, and skateboarding are not permitted on the courts
  2. General Play: Children may play on the tennis courts provided no one is waiting to play tennis

6. Weather

  1. Rain: The pool will close if it is raining so hard the bottom of the pool is not visible
  2. Thunder: The pool will close for 30 minutes and all members must clear the pool deck if any thunder is heard. If more thunder is heard, the 30 minute wait period will start again
  3. Lightning: The pool will close for 30 minutes and all members must clear the facility if lightning is seen. If more lightning is seen, the 30 minute wait period will start again

7. Parking Lot & Entrance

  1. Speed Limit: The parking lot speed limit is five miles per hour
  2. Sign In: Membership passes are not issued, but all members and their guests must enter and sign in at the bathhouse entrance using the main account holder’s account number which can be found by logging in
  3. Age for Entry: Children under ten must be accompanied by a responsible individual fifteen years or older
  4. Guests: Guest passes may be purchased through the member’s account for $5 each and each guest aged 3 or older must have a guest pass to enter the facility
  5. Pets: Pets are not permitted inside the facility

8. Conduct, Decorum and Disciplinary Action

  1. Abuse and Profane Language: Bullying, verbally threatening and the use of lewd or profane language is not allowed anywhere on the SHRA property. Violations should immediately be reported to staff. Criminal threats will immediately be referred to Fairfax County Police
  2. Disciplinary action: Anyone violating the stated rules or an instruction from a lifeguard or person in authority will be subject to the following disciplinary actions, pool manager has full discretion to enact the highest level of disciplinary action they feel is warranted to ensure the safety and enjoyment of the other members:
    • 1st violation – verbal warning
    • 2nd violation – 15 minute “bench time”
    • 3rd violation – expulsion from the pool for 24-72 hours, including ineligibility for team practices, events, matches and meets during this time period
  3. Repeated Violations: Repeated minor offenses, and all major violations, will be documented in the pool records and will result in any/all of the following actions: Discussions with the individual’s parent or guardian (if under 18), inability to be at the pool without a supervising parent for the summer, expulsion of that individual from the pool for the summer, and/or revocation of family membership and all team registrations without refund.

9. Manager’s Authority

  1. Manager’s Discretion: No set of written policies may adequately address every situation. Consequently, the manager on duty has the authority to provide direction, instruction and revocation of privileges as circumstances dictate to help ensure a safe and enjoyable environment
  2. Interpretation and Enforcement: The manager on duty has the authority to interpret and enforce all rules on site. The manager’s authority includes, but is not limited to, denying admission to or ejecting any persons who fail to observe the rules or who, in the manager’s judgment are endangering themselves or others or interfere with the enjoyment of the pool by other members or their guests. A member who disagrees with a manager’s decision may forward his disagreement to the board (bod@shrasharks.org) for consideration, but the member must comply with the manager’s decision at the time it is made


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Adult Swim! @ SHRA
Aug 20 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am
Adult Swim! @ SHRA

Come enjoy some adult swim or just lounge by the pool. Adults only, 18+.

SHRA – Crab Feast Prep
Aug 20 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
SHRA - Crab Feast Prep

Prep for crab feast, all volunteers welcome! Please contact Patrice at social@shrahsharks.org if you can help. Thank you!

SHRA – Crab Feast and My Generation Band
Aug 20 @ 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Ticket sales close Tuesday, August 15th, get your tickets today for this fun event!

Join us for our annual SHRA Crab and Shrimp Feast on Sunday, August 20, 3pm-6pm. Menu includes crab, shrimp, hotdogs and lots of sides. We will also have live music from the My Generation Band, performing music from some of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time, to keep the summertime mojo going.

Cost is $50 for adults (13 and older) for Crab and Shrimp plus all the food you care to enjoy, kids prices (12 and under) are $30 each. The buffet is included in your price with: Corn, Potato Salad & More. For those of you not interested in seafood, you can still enjoy the buffet, with a hotdog, cost is $20 for adults (13 and older) and $10 for kids (12 and younger).

Meal does not include drinks, but sodas, water and desserts will be available at the Snack Shack or bring your own.

Order your tickets online by August 15 and enjoy these prices. Ticket sales will close on 8/15 and tickets WILL NOT be available at the door.

Tickets are available for purchase through your SHRA account starting in late July using the green Ticket button above and below. This is a prepay event, tickets will NOT be available at the door.

Prep and cleanup for crab feast, all volunteers welcome! Please contact Patrice at social@shrahsharks.org if you can help. Thank you!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Hope to see you there,

Patrice Shibuya
Social Coordinator

Float Night and Root Beer Floats!
Aug 24 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Float Night and Root Beer Floats!
Come have some fun at SHRA Float Nights every Thursday along with $2 Root Beer Floats at the Snack Shack! Don’t forget to bring your favorite float (the inflatable kind) to the pool and float around starting at 6pm, but no Root Beer floats on your floats in the pool, please!
Pavilion – Amanda Scherer @ SHRA Pavilion
Aug 25 @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Pavilion - Amanda Scherer @ SHRA Pavilion

20 attendees

SHRA Food Truck – Basic Burger – Dinner! @ SHRA Front Entrance
Aug 25 @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Due to overwhelming response last year, our good friends at Basic Burger will be here many times this summer serving their delicious grass fed 100% Angus Beef burgers, hot dogs, chicken and veggie burgers, locally sourced, for dinner or until they sell out. With 4.5 stars on the Yelp scale, come eat great food and enjoy SHRA this summer!

Click to check out their menu!

SHRA Movie Night – Friday this Week! @ Grass next to SHRA Pavilion
Aug 25 @ 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm

Each Saturday night in August, bring your favorite towel/blanket and a snack, and sit out under the stars with your SHRA friends as we watch kid-friendly movies on the big inflatable screen. Movies will start when it gets dark enough.

Movie Schedule:

  • Friday night, August 25th – Trolls!
  • After the Bergens invade Troll Village, Poppy, the happiest Troll ever born, and the curmudgeonly Branch set off on a journey to rescue her friends.
    6.5 Stars on imdb.com
    Saturday night, September 2nd – Ghostbusters (original)
    The discovery of a massive river of ectoplasm and spectral activity in New York city allows a team of researchers to form the original Ghostbusters.
    7.8 Stars on imdb.com
Pavilion – Kerry Ross @ SHRA Pavilion
Aug 26 @ 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Pavilion - Kerry Ross @ SHRA Pavilion
20 attendees
Pavilion – Christian Nuckels @ SHRA Pavilion
Aug 26 @ 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Pavilion - Christian Nuckels @ SHRA Pavilion
20 attendees
Adult Swim! @ SHRA
Aug 27 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am
Adult Swim! @ SHRA

Come enjoy some adult swim or just lounge by the pool. Adults only, 18+.

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