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Facility Info

MAIN POOL (5/28-7/31):
S&S: 11a-9p
M-F: 12a-9p

MAIN POOL (8/1-9/5):
Everyday: 11a-8p
Last Day: 11a-6p

S&S: Opens with main pool
M-F: (May-6/27) 12a-9p
M-F: (6/28-Sept) 11a-close

Pictures – Take A Look Around

Come take a look at how beautiful the pool grounds look and how much fun we have on the beautiful grounds. From the landscaped entrance with dogwood and azaleas, to the rows of evergreens hugging the tennis courts, to the beautiful stonescaping of the seating area and the awesome pavilion. SHRA is a beautiful pool that just makes relaxing with friends so much more enjoyable.

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