Open Hours

General Membership:

May 25 to Aug. 4:

  • M-F: 12p-9p
  • S&S: 11a-9p

Aug. 5 to Sept. 2:

  • M-F: 11a-8p
  • S&S: 11a-8p
  • Last Day (9/2): 11a-6p

Adults Only:

  • M-F: Masters 6:30a
  • S&S: 9a


  • M-S: ~ Noon-8:15p
  • Sun: ~ 12:30p-7p

Note: Weather may result in closure even if pool is open. We may stay open later than posted.


On March 10, 1959, ground was broken on the 5.5-acre tract of land in the Holmes Run Valley that is now the home to the Sleepy Hollow Recreation Association (SHRA). The pool opened on July 4, 1959, with 350 members and a waiting list of over 100. That summer saw SHRA’s first participation in the Northern Virginia Swim League, and by the next year, the swim team had 87 participants and sent 5 swimmers to All Stars.

Over the years, the team has grown to as many as 163 participants in 1975, and has successfully competed in Divisions ranging from 1 (in the early 70’s) to 13 (in the mid-90’s). With an influx of swimmers in late 1996, the team rose back to Division 3 and currently is in Division 13.

I was reading the history and have many fond memories of spending almost all my waking hours during the summer at SHRA. While the pool was being built, we spent a lot of time in the mud. The pool’s opening was delayed to the 4th of July because of a mud slide coming down the hill from the houses being built above the pool, we’re talking a lot of mud. But the opening was a success. The four additional tennis courts were actually added during the mid 70’s. I believe the upper deck was added in the early 80’s. None the less the pool looks great. I went by the pool back in November, while my sister was visiting her grand daughter. We had to have a picture of 3rd generation Breen Family at the pool. Happy to see the pool in great shape, I’m sure all the originals would be happy to see how great it looks & the improvements that had been done.
-Maureen Breen (original Member # 1 family)

As with the swim team, the facility has also changed over the years. Four additional tennis courts were added in the mid 1970’s, bringing the total to six. The useable ground space was increased significantly by the expansion of the pool enclosure and the removal of underbrush. A beautiful new pavilion and spectator-friendly side deck were added in recent years. With all of these changes, the club still maintains a family-friendly atmosphere in a park-like setting.

SHRA continues to be a vibrant club. In addition to the swim team, a dive team and tennis team both enjoy strong participation. The teams participate in a number of events outside their scheduled meets and matches, including pep rallies, evening parties, a lake swim in Lake Barcroft, a senior dinner and, of course, the end of the season banquet.

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